Foodie Brighton is your guide to the best restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes in Brighton.

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Foodie Brighton (previously Scoffers) was started by Gary Simmons in 2012. He was born in Malaysia and spent a fair amount of his childhood abroad, in the Far East and the Middle East. Now settled in Brighton, he writes about the food scene in Brighton & London and runs a digital design studio.

Star Ratings

Each review contains a star rating out of 5 based on the food, service, ambience and value for money. The more stars, the better we think the place is.

    • Don’t go here! Stay at home and cook instead.

    • Let down. We won’t be going back if we can help it.

    • Good, but it won’t blow your mind.

    • Excellent. This is a place you can rely on.

Biblically good! You have to go here!

Price Per Person

This value is the minimum amount of money we think you’ll need to spend to have a good experience. It generally means you can have 2 courses, a couple of beers or half a bottle of wine per person and doesn’t include service.

Now, let’s eat!