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Craft Beer Co. N1

“A truly unique experience awaits you at The Craft Beer Co. unlike anywhere else in the UK. The best beers from around the world are available, many exclusive and never before available in this country. We spend a great deal of time sourcing our beers and we import many ourselves – genuine hand crafted small batch beers from the world’s finest brewers.”

Craft beer is ‘in’ and is hopefully here to stay. The Craft Beer Co. is less than 2yrs old, with the first location opening in Clerkenwell in July 2011. There are two more in London, Islington and Brixton and a fourth in Brighton.

The pub itself is a little confused. Wooden floors and lots of light as you enter then a bizarre green walled, red carpeted seating area to your right that goes through to an exposed brick lined room with skylights at the back. I can’t say I cared much for the green walls and red carpets, it felt like it was trying to be traditional for the sake of it but because it was clearly done recently it just didn’t feel right.

You’ll find a menu on your table, which has a very impressive array of beers in it, but I was pretty disappointed by the look of the thing. It’s just a plastic binder full of those clear plastic wallets you used to use at school. Pretty ugly really, but I guess it allows them to change the menu easily as well as add new pages etc.

I thought the bottled beers (of which there are over 400) were a little steep, starting at about £5 with most being nearer to £6.50, then rising to a dizzy £55.00 for a Limited Edition Armande Gueze (750ml), a blend by the World’s greatest gueze blender to mark his retirement. The options on draught were much more reasonable with Cask Beers being priced based on strength from £3.40 up to and including 3.9% ABV, £3.70 up to 4.9%, £3.90 up to 5.9% and £4.60 up to 6.9% with Lagers from £3.95.

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An impressive range of beers that will satisfy any beer fan and I love what they’re trying to do here. Let down by some of the decor choices and the fact there isn’t a food menu, they only serve pork pies, scotch eggs and alike. There is a garden though so it’s worth checking out in the summer (if it turns up).

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London N1 9PP

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