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Dip & Flip, Wimbledon Review

Dip & Flip was set up in 2013 by Tim, Gearoid and a few other friends along with the support of their respective families. Tim did the food and Gearoid designed and built both shops.

Gravy, French Dips, Hamburgers & Craft Beers are what Dip & Flip are all about, with the inspiration coming from trips abroad and making gravy for over 20 years in pubs all over the country.

A French Dip is nothing without good gravy, so Dip & Flip roast a selection of carefully sourced beef bones to a rich golden brown then simmer them, with organic vegetables and herbs, for “a long time”. My first experience of a French Dip was the Shortrib French Dip with bone marrow gravy (hubba hubba) I had at Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar and I’ve been craving another ever since.

This broth is the heart and soul of their gravy and with roasting juices from the bottom of the pan added to the broth along with a few other beef related secrets it’s ready to serve with almost everything for dipping.

Dips are roasted topside of west country beef or shoulder of lamb, thinly sliced, dipped in gravy and served in a fresh bread roll. You get extra gravy on the side to dip the whole sandwich in and get as wet as you like.

Flips are 180g patties made from west country beef, forerib, chuck, and a little fat. Cooked on an imported chrome griddle, which is super hot, sealing in the flavour and creating a wonderful crust. They’re served in a soft brioche bun with French’s mustard, ketchup, American cheese, cabbage slaw and pickles.

Then there’s the Dip & Flip Burger (£9.95). The best of both worlds – a cheeseburger, topped with slices of roast beef or lamb, dipped in gravy (OMG). They also have a couple of properly filthy sides like Cheese, fries and gravy with crispy bacon and green chilli (£5.25).

There’s also a very tasty sounding veggie option in the Rosti Burger – potato rosti burger made with spring onions and cheddar, topped with a fried egg and served in a brioche bun with pickles, white cabbage slaw, French’s mustard and tomato ketchup.

Dip & Flip have Sambrooks Pale Ale from just down the road in Battersea on draft but it was off tonight so we were forced in to paying a pretty offensive £4.95 each for cans of Brooklyn Lager (a favourite of mine) and Founders All Day IPA, both from the US.

  • Dip & Flip, Wimbledon Review review - Foodie Brighton

    Dip & Flip Green Chilli Cheese Burger

  • Dip & Flip, Wimbledon Review review - Foodie Brighton

    Dip & Flip Burger

  • Dip & Flip, Wimbledon Review review - Foodie Brighton

    Dip & Flip Patty Melt

Neither James or I could see past the Dip & Flip Burger and also ordered a portion of Fries (£2.75) to share, which come with chicken salt seasoning – a mix of herbs, spices and paprika.

This was pretty special… I’m sure the cheeseburger is a great burger in its own right but topped with roast (lamb for James, beef for me) plus a bowl of gravy to dip it in brought huge smiles to both our faces. The burger was cooked to a perfect medium and have a great texture, the beef on top of mine added more depth of flavour and the rich gravy rounded it all off very nicely indeed.

Food should be fun and Dip & Flip is just that and to keep the smile on your face, you can eat well for little monies here with beef or lamb dips costing a mere £6.50 and burgers ranging from the Patty Melt at £5.25 to the Bacon Double Cheese Burger at £8.95.

Dip & Flip have a pretty unique offering as far as London’s burger scene is concerned and the food is full of love and quality ingredients as well as being great value for money.

Yes, it’s pretty filthy and messy but sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

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2 Diners
Dip & Flip Burger (Lamb)£9.95
Dip & Flip Burger (Beef)£9.95
Per person£16.28

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