"Award-winning hickory smoked ribs and the best wings in London" is the claim but does it deliver?

3.5 £25pp

Red Dog Saloon, N1

“Our award-winning smoker has been imported from the USA and is built to recreate the cooking process of those original fire pits. We use the traditional American woods of hickory and mesquite to give a full smoke flavour, and the meat stays in the smoker for up to 16 hours.”

Rumours about a burger at Red Dog Saloon bigger than my head had been circulating amongst my group of friends for weeks, the Devastator, made up of three 6oz patties, which are ground on site daily from 100% chuck steak, 200g of pulled pork, 6 rashers of applewood smoked bacon and 6 slices of American cheese coming in at a cool 3000 calories but at £19.45 (twice as much as almost all the other burgers on the menu) would anyone actually order it?

Red Dog Saloon has two eating challenges, which we skipped but you can partake in should you feel the urge:

1. The Devastator Challenge
Devastator burger, Fries and a Shake. 10 minutes

2. Hot Wings Challenge
6 wings made with Naga Viper chillies. 10 minutes.

Here’s some guy doing both, one after the other…

It’s one of few trendy BBQ places in London I know of that welcomes bookings of any size, which I welcome with open arms. Some of us arrived early and our table for 9 was just being set up so we went to the bar to put in a drinks order. It’s a reasonable drinks menu, with two excellent local beers on draught (Camden Hells Lager & Pale Ale) as well as Samuel Adams, although this is a rip off as it only comes as a schooner, which was noticeably less than a pint yet still £4.10.

Once everyone had arrived we got down to scouting the menu and making the tough decision between burger, ribs or pulled pork. Jack stepped up and ordered the Devastator, but not just the burger… he ordered a side of fries as well. He nailed it within about 10 minutes and went looking for the dessert menu. I’ve never been so proud. He said he was still full this morning but despite it being tasty it wasn’t worth the money.

I find it incredibly difficult to turn down ribs, so I didn’t. There a couple of combo meals on the menu so I went for the Ribs & pulled pork meal, which comes with two sides for £15.75. My sides of choice were the coleslaw and collard greens. Although this sounds like a good deal it’s a bit of a let down as there was a generous pile of pulled pork but only two ribs… It was all good quality though. We had an American amongst us who thought her pulled pork sandwich was ‘awesome’ and she should know.

Antonia and I also shared a portion of buffalo wings seeing as Red Dog claim to have the best in London and they may have a point. They were nice and crisp and had a great hot sauce glaze on them. We had the original wings but they also offer them as BBQ or with a sweet and spicy mustard glaze. You can even order a bucket of 50 wings if you fancy it!

  • Red Dog Saloon, N1 review - Foodie Brighton


  • Red Dog Saloon, N1 review - Foodie Brighton


  • Red Dog Saloon, N1 review - Foodie Brighton

    Ribs & Pulled Pork

  • Red Dog Saloon, N1 review - Foodie Brighton


  • Red Dog Saloon, N1 review - Foodie Brighton

    Buffalo Wings

Everyone was happy with their food and the service and the place has a cool, chilled out vibe to it and there’s also a really nice looking bar downstairs. There were a few disappointing aspects to meal like the stingy portion of ribs in my ribs & pulled pork meal but overall I liked it and would happily go back.

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The Bill

9 Diners
Devastator Burger£19.45
Ribs & Pulled Pork Meal£15.75
Chicken Dinner£13.75
Ribs & Quarter Chicken£13.75
Punisher Burger£11.45
Californian Burger£9.95
BBQ Burger x 2£9.45 each
Carolina Burger£7.95
Buffalo Wings (4)£4.95
French Fries x 4£2.95 each
Per person£23.13

Contact Info

37 Hoxton Square,
London N1 6NN

0203 551 8014
[email protected]

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